Cats and Cyber-Dogs

Ah, struggling with the dual natures of a man-dog – poor Chad.

This week I’m plugging a new Comic of the Week. I had my turn last week, so a big welcome back to the new readers I (might have) picked up from the cross-promotion!

The Sundown Boys, by Emma Pillete, takes place in an America completely taken over by warring criminal organizations. The government, borders, and all laws have been eliminated and rebuilt by the new criminal ruling class. The story focuses on a group of brothers that work as muscle for the dominant gang in New York. They possess strange abilities that make them seem more than human, and a friend from their past might be the key to discovering the secret behind their powers. It’s an interesting story. Give it a try. Link’s in the sidebar as always!

And hey, if you’ve been following this supervillain convention storyline, you’ve seen the dozens of villain designs I’ve peppered in the background. Now’s your chance to get a little input. Toss out some design ideas in the comments, and I’ll work on incorporating them into the scenery!

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