Eat Ship

For those that don’t know, shipping is the uniquely Internet practice of pairing characters from a movie/show/comic/book together as romantic interests, despite the fact that it usually flies in the face of the author’s intentions. Take that pair, illustrate it, write bad fan-fiction, and, particularly on both Tumblr and Deviantart, attack other shippers whose pairings differ from your own. Because you know better. You know how those characters really should feel. Shipping is exactly as sane as it sounds.

But enough of that. It’s good to be back after two weeks. You’ve all been waiting for Convict-Con, and this story is finally going to answer some important questions. What happened in Washington? Why did the villains all follow the Crimson Claw once? Why does Claw hate Captain Ultimo so much?

Oh, yeah. We’re doin’ this.

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