Fan Script – Amy That.Jedi.Girl

Today’s comic script comes from Amy That.Jedi.Girl, and is actually two of her submissions spliced together. She submitted several scripts, and I decided to take a little editorial freedom and combined what I thought were the best parts of two of them. ATJG actually dealt with one of the scenarios presented in the comic at her job. Guess which one.

I mentioned that yesterday’s guest writer, Yalashanda, was not the only member of his family to submit a fan script. These folks are pretty good joke writers, because now with Amy That.Jedi.Girl’s script published, that family now has control of 2/5ths of fan week! Round of applause for that family, folks!

The last fan script goes up on Friday, and it should come as a surprise to the author. This is the only writer I didn’t inform about their script’s selection. I’ve got my reasons, and I’ll share them then. But, I will reveal that it’s not because I’m a jerk. Just so we’re clear.

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