Guest Strip – Doug Curtis

This week’s final guest strip comes to us courtesy of Doug Curtis, the mad comicker behind The Flying Ferret. It’s a superhero comic in the vein of The Tick. Great art, weird humor, and a deconstruction of the genre? That’s The Flying Ferret. Give it a try.

Tune in Monday through Friday next week. The fan-submitted scripts have been illustrated, and five go up in five days. This was a really cool experiment, and there’s a lot of good comic writers in the Supervillainous fanbase – not that that makes me nervous – because…um…yeah – maybe a little nervous. Thanks again to everyone who submitted, and if I didn’t get to draw yours, I might just use it anyway in the future in between story arcs. There’s a part of me that hates to just move on from a little stack of fan scripts.

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