Hostile Takeover

There’s something to be said for going digital. I used to draw my comics in pen and ink, scan them, and work them out in an old version of Photoshop. It took several hours more than it does now, and I rarely applied color back then. I set out to try something a little different with Supervillainous, though. Instead of using a more traditional suite of digital tools and software, I’ve been producing every part of the comic on an iPad. I do the art in Artstudio, and I use Strip Designer for the strip assembly and lettering. It took a bit of time to work it all out, but the two apps have proven to be quite powerful, and very well suited to comic work like this. If you’re mainly a webcomics hobbyist, and own an iPad yourself, this is a great way to do it.

I’m putting up another bonus comic as a vote incentive, so cast those votes on my TWC button!

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