Patter Up!

I did not have much time this past week to create as much art as I would have liked, hence the absolutely shameless, blatant use of cut/paste.

Instead, I chose to torment myself writing this week’s dialogue.
And hiding surprise lines tucked away, hidden in the comic’s blog.
I know I should desist, but I can’t help myself and I persist.
I am a very tired, overworked internet cartoonist!

I’m actually working on brand new, super-secret concept art.
I was hoping to have more done, but I guess this is a decent start.
I want to spoil everything, yet I know I really must resist.
But I’m a very tired, overworked internet cartoonist!

I’ll have you know this was a very tricky song to parody.
So please allot for poor ol’ Zap a hint of Christian charity.
He wracked his brain, and spent more time working on the written part
But he pissed away moments he should have spent on creating art!

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