Personal Space

We’re finally tackling this storyline, folks. We’re going to find out what happened between the Crimson Claw and his ex-wife. Though, from this strip, you miiiiight be able to piece some things together. Contributing factors and all that.

New Geek Life, as well! Click the link next to the comic and check it out! The rest of the core cast makes their first appearance this time.

And if that’s not enough, this week’s Comic of the Week is Soul to Call, a fantastic thriller with gorgeous art by Katherine, AKA Rommie. Most of humanity has died after a massive otherworldly incursion, and most of the survivors have fled to safe zones. Avril works as a courier, taking dangerous assignments delivering goods to the No Man’s Land, where the most dangerous and desperate survivors dwell. Why take such risks? She seeks to raise a powerful Anathema, a being that might offer her the salvation she seeks.

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