Play Dead

So this week it’s my turn to be Comic of the Week over at Spiderforest. Welcome to all those curious link-clickers! Kick back, relax, peruse the archive. I do hope you’ll enjoy it.

Rather than plug a comic today in this space, (especially my own…not that tastelessly vain) I’m going to plug the the place on the net I’m most comfortable – Halforums. It’s that big goofy face right next to the comic. Halforums is a message board that was originally the PvP fan boards. The community grew so tight, we created our own forum when the PvP boards were suddenly and unexpectedly deleted. Over the years, we’ve welcomed new faces, but it’s still a fantastic place to talk about pretty much anything. Whatever your fandom, you’ll find some like-minded individuals to talk to. Give it a look, or even join in on the fun!

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