Rerun That By Me Again?

Okay, guys, let’s have a little fun this weekend with a quick contest! I just started a new Twitter account, and it can be found here.

Here’s the deal. In the past, I’ve thought about who I might cast in a Supervillainous movie. I’ve always had two specific names in mind for the Crimson Claw and Meat. Try to guess those ideal casting choices by tweeting them to me, using the hashtag #Supervillainous.

You get one guess, and be sure to include both characters. First correct answer wins. Here’s the potential prizes:

If you guess one of my ideal casting choices, you get to determine an important event in an upcoming storyline.

If you guess both my ideal casting choices, you will get to make an extremely important decision that will affect Supervillainous for a long time to come. Seriously, it’s HUGE.

So go on Twitter, make your guesses, and follow me for goodies like preview art, sketches, etc… The contest ends Sunday night. Good luck, and have a great weekend!

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