So I was looking back at the archive of the original Supervillainous site over at Comicfury, and I realized the comic just passed its one-year anniversary! One year, 100+ strips later! and only one instance of a missed update. That’s not bad at all.

It’s funny to think how it all started. I was just figuring out how to create comics on the iPad, and I wanted to hit the fifteen required comics minimum to apply to Spiderforest. I threw myself into it, got all that first fifteen done in less than three weeks, and got my application in just in time. They accepted me, which was kind of unusual; SF doesn’t take many chances on such a new comic, so I really felt honored.

The art’s improved dramatically between the first strip and the latest one, and I keep looking for new things I can do in the software. I’ve got storylines for years, free hosting, and my readership is growing. There’s going to be a few more anniversaries to celebrate in the coming years.

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