Vugermint Spending

Poor Hi-Tech. This was where it all started to go downhill for him.

This comic was not a fun one to draw. Little story. The original panel two was much more detailed, giving us a more clear view of the computer tech littered about the hideout. I had a better drawing of Hi-Tech, and a different composition. I went to import a color palette image to work from, and hit the wrong option, wiping out the completed panel with no way to recover it, and I had to redraw it with a simpler composition to keep the strip on schedule. If you work digitally, save often. Don’t forget. Don’t make the same mistake I did that dark, unforgiving Saturday afternoon.

Oh, it’s Monday, too, so there’s a new Featured Comic. This time it’s Xylobone Tomes, a fantasy comic about the Grim Reaper and his assistant. I became a big fan of this one during the last Spiderforest application round, and I’m thrilled to have it as a part of the collective. Give it a try! The linework is gorgeous.

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