Back to Work

Yes, that is Scarvok’s capital ship. And yes, this means the flying egg is no more. Now you’ll just have to get used to the flying iron.

Well, another round of Spiderforest applications has come and gone, and we welcomed a fresh batch of excellent comics. However, instead of the traditional Comic of the Week, you’ll be getting multiple comics from new and veteran SF members. It’s more new comics than you can handle! This week we have…

Sombulus: Sombulus is a humorous fantasy adventure in the spirit of Discworld and style of a shounen manga. A zealous paladin, brilliant energy harvester, and curious spiky haired tinkerer set off on fantastic adventures through the strange, surreal, magical and mystery-riddled Myriad Worlds of Sombulus, leaving each place a little more weird than the last.

Mailbox Rocketship: Aliens, magic, super powers and Death himself. Keith’s life just got complicated.

Give these two a read. There’s good stuff here!

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