Don’t Sweat It

Contest time!

I’m running a special contest throughout the month of December, and it will affect the future of Supervillainous. It’s that important.

Got your attention? What are the details? They’re available as a voting incentive this month! That’s right – I spent time in the Top Webcomics top 100, and I liked it.

But isn’t that immoral, sleazy, and rather dubious? Well, this is a comic about morally ambiguous supervillains. Maybe, just this once, I’ll play the part myself. And don’t anybody go posting the rules elsewhere. True Supervillainites – that’s right, that’s what I’m calling the fans – will get the rules by voting!

It’s easy to view the contest information and rules. Just click on the TWC button to the right of the comic, and vote for Supervillainous. It’s completely free!

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