Fan Script – Otaku

Today’s comic script comes from one of Supervillainous’ first fans – Otaku. He found the strip early on when I first started out on Comicfury, and he’s stuck with it since. He’s actually one of the most active folks at CF, even though he doesn’t have a comic of his own. The original script Otaku sent me was actually far too much to fit into four panels, so I had to take that editorial freedom and cut it down to get it to fit. I could have just picked out another script that was “ready for four panels”, but this was the first time Otaku had written a comic script. Since he’s a long-timer, I couldn’t resist figuring out a way to make it work. And here it is. It’s your moment now, Otaku. Take a bow, buddy.

And with this fifth and final fan script comic, Fan Week comes to a close. Thank you to all the readers who submitted scripts, and thank you to everyone who reads this comic. You’re a very supportive group, and you make this ongoing project so much fun. I’m back at the helm come Monday, and the Claw and company will be off to the 2015 Convict-Con! See you then!

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