I’ve been getting some scripts for the upcoming Fan Appreciation Event, but there’s room for more! Here’s the rules again in case you missed it!

Supervillainous will be accepting not only guest strips, but guest scripts. If you’ve got a great idea for a joke, send it in, and it might show up here!
So what’s the catch? The catch is that any fan submitted scripts will have to involve henchmen (and henchwomen) only. These are the unsung background characters in the SV universe, and they’re going to get their time to shine, too. There’s three types of henchmen:

The Reds – the average foot soldiers
The Whites – the science henches
The Blues – the tech and communications crew

Pick whichever ones you like, name them if you want, and write up that script! I’ll pick out up to five scripts that feel right for Supervillainous – it has that “just past family-friendly” feel – i.e. No explicit onscreen violence, cursing, or sexual material. You guys have read this thing; you know it well enough by now. When all five are completed, I’ll run them all during a special Fan Appreciation Week. No BS filler art, no weak “Thanks for Reading!” pin-up. Just more Supervillainous, brought to you by the people who love it.

Send any finished scripts to zappit1234 AT gmail DOT com. I’ll be waiting!

I’m going to give you all two more weeks to get those scripts in. Go for it – you very well could get your script illustrated and published here!

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