O.M.G. T.M.I. 4 A.V.

Here’s A.V., folks! When I read Trippitise’s profile of this villainess, which described her as a ruthless information dealer and mercenary boss, I knew she was the winner. A.V. officially joins the SV universe today, and will be a central figure throughout the alien invasion storyline. After that, who knows?

And there’s one last piece of business for today. Now I’ve promised I’d never ask my audience for money, and for two-and-a-half years, I’ve kept that promise. I will however, point you towards a worthy Kickstarter project. Some of my Collective of Heroes compatriots, the very talented team behind the awesome The Specialists, are looking to launch print editions, and need to raise some more funds to make it happen. If you’re the type to help some worthy creators out, give these guys a look.

Have a nice weekend, and stay safe during the Snowpocalypse, East Coasters!


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