Pretty Tempting, Isn’t It?

Now that I’ve had a weekend to process things more after making the announcement that the end of Supervillainous is inevitable, I just wanted to update you all on where I’m at mentally.

Is there the chance that SV might continue later?
I want to say maybe, but it probably won’t. I’ve actually written the last strip – ironically, there’s still a lot between now and then still unwritten – but I think even a few sporadic updates would take away from the planned ending.

Is my next project an Actioneer spinoff?
I’m actually not ruling this out. While I think I’ve decided on what to do next, Supervillainous was originally supposed to be the Actioneer’s comic. The Crimson Claw just was such an inspired creation he stole Actioneer’s thunder – and comic.

Will the next project have fan contests and interactive events?
If I go with the project I’m currently planning, there could very well be. In fact, the next project might lend itself to such events much better than Supervillainous.

Will there be a published collection?
Now this is where it gets tricky, and it comes back to the contests. Multiple characters that appeared in the comic were created by other people, and the contests included no legalese regarding publishing rights. Given that I made it a point that I was not interested in making money off this work, I’d not only be asking for trouble by selling a print volume, I’d be a hypocrite. Trying to retroactively establish publishing rights/ ownership of fan-created characters would be sleazy as all get-out, and that’s not me. The archive will remain up, and I might try to assemble/release a free e-book when all is said and done. That wouldn’t create a legal or ethical conflict.

When will I start releasing details about the next comic?
Right now, I’m planning stories, and need to design my characters, so there’s not really anything to show. I will share updates when they’re ready. That said, there is a chance that I’ve got something else cooking that might be good to go in a few months. That’s top-secret at the moment.

Anyway, that’s pretty much where I’m at now. Hopefully, it might have answered a few questions you all had. The one thing I really didn’t want to do is just reach the ending and surprise my audience with an unexpected finale, so I’ll be blogging more when I load new strips to keep you all updated. Have a great week, everyone! See you back here on Friday!

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