The Claw Family Christmas

Hey, guys. I know this is filler, but I just couldn’t get the next strip together in time. I’ve shared how my grandfather’s health is failing, and how quickly his dementia is progressing. Well, it was a very rough weekend. He’s still with us, but he’s…not really there anymore. Barely able to speak, agitated to the point he needs medication to calm him, confused more often than not…My family is prepping for the eventual funeral, including picking out the clothes he’ll be buried in. It’s been very difficult keeping it together, and I just couldn’t get a full strip done. But, I’ve said it before: I hate leaving you guys with nothing, so I managed to throw a little Claw family Christmas moment together today.

Hopefully, we’ll find out what happens to the aggressive barfly on Friday, and find out how things turn out between the Claw and Diane.

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