Undue Influence

Just in case you were wondering why the Claw keeps a paranormal lawyer on retainer… As for the judge, those eyes were entirely, 100% inspired by Bob Costas’ freaky, putridly infected eyes.

Starting Monday, the TWC counter resets, and we start from scratch on the voting. February was a great month. The vote push took place in the second half of the month, and we brought Supervillainous up 700 spots in short order. You guys are awesome. Seriously.

Now, in this new quest to hit the top ten, here’s what I’m going to do. Every Monday update will include a new vote incentive bonus comic. They’ll be more of my one-offs and gag comics, not anything SV related. Just a fun little curiosity.

I’ll see you all back on Monday, and let’s work to dethrone Twokinds!

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